Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dont take your kids to McDonalds

So today I decide to be a nice mom and take Lex to McDonald's for lunch. BIG mistake. While we were eating a little kid kept coming and telling his mom kids were being mean to him. He was so dang cute about it. His mom kept telling him to just ignore the mean kids and keep playing.

After a while she saw a kid hit her boy and so her boy hit him back. She goes into the play thing to get her son. Then all hell broke loose. A screaming match began between the two kids' moms! Then one of the other moms friends pushes the mom of the cute boy. Holy crap people! Then the cops were called. That's about the time we left.

I don't know exactly what happened I didn't seen the entire scene. But way to go on being awesome examples to your kids ladies. Really mom of the year awards should be coming to you any day. Seriously starting a fight in a room full of kids because your 4 year olds are fighting! Awesome! I really wonder where they get their manners from?

So anyway we get in the car and Lex says "We gotta get outta here before the cops come. Those mommies were naughty."

I love that kid. He says the funniest stuff. For example the other day the city of Ammon dropped us off a new garbage can. Lex says "we should get their phone number. I think if we call them they can bring us some grass too." Oh how I wish that was all it took. I gave him daddys number instead.

This girl left a comment on my blog the other day! How cool is that. She is like the queen of craft and has awesome music on her blog. Check out this post. makes me wish I hadnt sold my cricut. She also has yummy recipes for freezer meals on this site.

Sorry I don't have pics of anything. I hear its a sin to do a post with no pictures.

**Oh and I totally forgot the real reason you shouldn't take your kids to McD's. They get a crappppppyyyyy CD! Which your kids will love and you will want to shoot yourself in the face. Don't be fooled it looks like it might be ok.


Don't say I didn't warn ya.

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Amanda Gibson said...

Yo. I'm a blog sinner too. Not only do I use multiple swear words and share TMI - I also hardly ever post pictures. So we can hang out.

Yea, and the McDonalds Moms? What the hell? No wonder there are so many bad kids out there - they take after their parents!