Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dont take your kids to McDonalds

So today I decide to be a nice mom and take Lex to McDonald's for lunch. BIG mistake. While we were eating a little kid kept coming and telling his mom kids were being mean to him. He was so dang cute about it. His mom kept telling him to just ignore the mean kids and keep playing.

After a while she saw a kid hit her boy and so her boy hit him back. She goes into the play thing to get her son. Then all hell broke loose. A screaming match began between the two kids' moms! Then one of the other moms friends pushes the mom of the cute boy. Holy crap people! Then the cops were called. That's about the time we left.

I don't know exactly what happened I didn't seen the entire scene. But way to go on being awesome examples to your kids ladies. Really mom of the year awards should be coming to you any day. Seriously starting a fight in a room full of kids because your 4 year olds are fighting! Awesome! I really wonder where they get their manners from?

So anyway we get in the car and Lex says "We gotta get outta here before the cops come. Those mommies were naughty."

I love that kid. He says the funniest stuff. For example the other day the city of Ammon dropped us off a new garbage can. Lex says "we should get their phone number. I think if we call them they can bring us some grass too." Oh how I wish that was all it took. I gave him daddys number instead.

This girl left a comment on my blog the other day! How cool is that. She is like the queen of craft and has awesome music on her blog. Check out this post. makes me wish I hadnt sold my cricut. She also has yummy recipes for freezer meals on this site.

Sorry I don't have pics of anything. I hear its a sin to do a post with no pictures.

**Oh and I totally forgot the real reason you shouldn't take your kids to McD's. They get a crappppppyyyyy CD! Which your kids will love and you will want to shoot yourself in the face. Don't be fooled it looks like it might be ok.


Don't say I didn't warn ya.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Things I loved from Easter

Easter was sooo last week I know but here are a few highlights.

Easter was a 3 day event this year. (4 if you count raiding the Michael's clearance section today)

We started on Friday with an Easter Egg Hunt at Aunt Carolyn's work. It was super fun. They even had a HUGE live bunny named Thumper, tons of toy filled eggs, punch and super cute sugar cookies. Lex and Hudson had a blast!

Then on Saturday we went to G&G Rosie's for the next Easter Egg Hunt. They have 7 acres of hiding fun. Since there are different ages of cousins the eggs were divided by colors, to make it age appropriate. Lex's color was yellow. This worked out so well. There was no fighting or competition to find eggs. The older boys had fun as well since their eggs were tough to find and filled with $$$. The little kids got money as well - I'm pretty sure that was Lex's favorite part. More on that later.

After the great hunt Lex was opening all his eggs to see what he got and said a few times "This is the best day of my life". Good to know all the kid needs is some plastic eggs filled with loot.
Lex got to drive Uncle Mike super cool Robot he built for school. Its controlled by a wii remote. Yes Carl's fam is full of smart a.... ummm smart people. hehe
Lex got to play all day with his cousins. I got to go shopping for new earring for Miss Olivia who can wear dangley earrings now. She was super excited. Have you been in Claire's lately? That store is tiny and has thousands of pairs of earrings, along with a thousand people looking for earrings. I haven't been in there for oh i don't know 15 years and I swear they have the same stuff! Perhaps I'm just getting old and the trends are coming around again. I tried to get Eva to buy some lovely things that used to be super cool. Like Giant neon hair clips - they were totally rad! Anyway is was fun to go girl shopping. And Olivia is such a fun girly girl!
(Yes I do believe that Lex is picking his nose)

When we got home Paul and Christi made some yummy coney dogs. Then we dyed Easter Eggs.

Sunday we went to church and when we left I asked the usual "what did you talk about in class" question to Lex. I loved his explanation!

"we talked about Jesus being on that post. First he was on those mean guys team and then they didn't want him on his team so they put him on that post and they weren't very nice to him. And then he wasnt on that team anymore."

After church we went to G&G Rosie's and the Easter bunny came while we were there and dropped of some Easter baskets. We stayed just long enough for lex to open all his stuff and eat a couple of Delicious rolls. Carl's mom makes the best!

Then it was off to G&G Tolley's. First the kids went on a scavenger hunt to find stuff from G&G. They loved it!
Then it was time for the 3rd and final Easter Egg Hunt of the weekend. Mr. Mason had snuck out earlier to find the best (money filled) eggs. He was letting Lex know that there was 1 filled with $2. Well McKale didn't like this at all and sat down on the grass and cried. I don't blame her, I would have too. There was a small argument between the 3 of them which no one witnessed.

Lex comes huffing and puffing into the house to tell us she was crying. I asked why and he said, "I don't know - I didn't even kick her!" What a little stinker! Well at least he is a crappy liar.

Then he finished it off with "I already have a bag of money at home and I need more!" Cant you tell what awesome parents we are? I wish I had a bag of money at home.

They all finished the hunt with a smile and when it was over Grandma made them split the money evenly.
Oh Yeah and all my neices looked adorable in their easter dresses. (I didnt get a picture of Payette in hers but it was sooo cute on her.)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It's already been a year?

Carl and I have moved so many freakin times. I though I would take you on a little journey...

This was our first apartment we moved in the fall of 1999. We lived on the right side for six weeks. I loved it, it was right across from the temple. It was sooo cute and cozy. One day I was taken away by an ambulance and never returned. I tried to die from an asthma attack. The EMT's cut my shirt off and I wasn't wearing any pants. Awesome! Luckily my memory went from "I cant breath I should sit on this chair" to "why am I in the hospital and why do I have a tube down my throat?" But I did miss that shirt - it was one of my favorites.
We lived with Carl's parents for about a month until our other apartment was ready. We lived on the upper level here for about 3 years. We had the nicest old neighbor downstairs. His name was Bob and he would run his garbage disposal for hours. He died shortly after we moved out and sometimes we visit his grave. (ok ok so we have only been there once)

Then we moved into our first house! This is the only place we have ever had a yard with trees and flowers. This is the house where Carl brought me home 2 adorable puppies. This is where I would come home to after a hard day working at the make up counter. (don't laugh it was tough - those rich bitches were well..... bitches.) This is where we brought Lex home to from the hospital. This is where Carl and I grew up and became somewhat adults. The worst part is our good friends built a house just a few blocks down the road. Jessica and I didn't really know each other then. Too bad we could have walked to each others house and been crafty together everyday. I really miss this house and the simple lives we had there.

Then we moved in with our parents for a couple of month until Carl finished this house! We would spend the first part of the week at his parents and then pack up our stuff and stay with my parents for several days. Fun times! This was our first and only house he built for us. I loved this house because I got to pick most of the stuff out. My dad did the brick on it and it was a pain in the ass but he did it because that's what I wanted. Lex had just turned a year old when we moved in.

This is where we live now. Carl built it as a spec and well we all know that went down the drain. When he bought the lot I said I will never live in that neighborhood. Famous last words. We have lived here 1 year now. Until last weekend I had not put up 1 decoration (except for the holiday stuff in the entry). I have very mixed feeling about this house. I love it, I love the neighbors and the ward. It is honestly the nicest ward we have ever lived in. I love the big closets and the flat driveway. I love the little canal in the back yard. But we just don't really fit in. I still feel like we just don't belong here. We just don't deserve to live here.

Last weekend while Carl went to the priesthood session I decided that I needed to make it our home. Even if we don't stay here for long. So I dusted off a few of our decorations that had been boxed up. Then on Sunday there was a wonderful conference talk about making your house like a temple. So its warm and comforting. It's amazing what a few decorations do.

And finally this is where we will probably be living soon.........

Come visit me on the 4th of July!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


So my good buddy corrected me. The walk in weight loss if you don't have insurance its like $120 the first time you go in then after that its only $35 after that. Depending on what they decide you only go in like 5-6 more times. So it is worth it after all.

Also you get a free 1/2 with a trainer. How cool is that.