Friday, November 21, 2008

Merry Christmas!

What it's not Christmas yet? Then why do my neighbors have there freaking Christmas lights ON? I am sorry but I think there should be a law - No Christmas lights on until the day after Thanksgiving. You can have them on your house but not turned ON. That is going to be my first law in my kingdom. I am all about the Christmas festivities but lets take a minute and enjoy Thanksgiving.

OK I'm done now.

So the winners from the last post Bonnie, LeAnne, & Kim! Bonnie I owe ya - let me know what ones are your favorite.
Happy Friday!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Kenny/Donny Moment!

Growing up I heard my moms story about how Kenny Rogers pointed and winked at her during a concert sum 30 years ago. She melted and I didn't get it.

Then a few years back I went to a Donny Osmond concert with my mom and her friend Patricia. Patricia is somewhat of a fan - she was in tears when he came out on stage and screamed like a teenage girl with each new song he sang. I didn't get it.

I didn't get it until Saturday November 8th 2008....

I'm starting from the beginning. On Saturday we decided to go on a quick road trip to Logan. Carl really wanted to ride his motor bike with Taylor - who just got a new bike last weekend. So we decided to take a day trip. Tomm & Jessica came with us and we left Lex with my parents.

The boys of course had their plan of action and spent the day before packing and getting ready. Jessica & I also had our plan. A shopping plan.

*Hobby Lobby
*some scrapbooking store about a carousel
*Chocolate covered Cinnamon bears in bulk @ Macy's
*Pier 49 Pizza

I have always loved cosmo. If you remember I proclaimed my love to them on THIS post. How could you not they have the best stuff. Jessica, Eva, Olivia, and I found the address and what appeared to be their warehouse . Not thinking we could shop we decided we would just get out and take pictures.

Then we saw someone inside.

We checked the door.


Hearts soaring,

Jessica and I were as nervous as a 12 year old boy at a school dance - Eva walked right in! She said she would go ask if they had somewhere to shop.

We were going to take a picture of us by the door that says cosmo cricket
but in all the excitement we ended up with this one - just as good.

We wait...

then Eva comes walking around the corner with Mr. Lindsay as he is explaining to her we can shop out of the warehouse across the parking lot. He just happened to be there checking on stuff. Normally on Saturdays no one would be there. We are lucky girls!

He's the one in this post - funny stuff!

So he takes us over to the other warehouse and lets us shop for awhile. We were so overwhelmed we didn't get many pictures. It was wonderful being around pallets and boxes full of awesome stuff.

Jessica and I with the Cosmo Logo

Jessica with a fabulous find!

Eva, Olivia, and I shopping in the best store ever!

So we have PILES of fabulous supplies and Lindsay takes us to the font to settle up. On the way shows us shelves of super cute displays and their fun project room.

He told us a little about how Cosmo got started and such then we come around the corner and on one of the desks there are 4 piles of more fabulous supplies. One for each of US! Lindsay had gathered up some fun prizes for us - just for coming! It was really our pleasure.

That's right he gave each one of us this entire pile of goods! If you will notice in the very back of the pile is the Chemistry Crafting Kit. That's right the latest from the greatest! We also received a Mr. Campy crafting kit, blackboard, rub-ons, a blackboard mini album, a blackboard memory box, and some Jacks world stamps! All I can say is we were in scrapbooking HEAVEN.

If that weren't enough to make us jump up and down like a fat girl on the price is right when it was time to settle up on our piles of goods - Lindsay made us a screaming deal - and I mean screaming!!!!

He also let us get our picture taken with him. He made our day! He was soooo nice and so excited about the company. He totally could have sent us on our way but instead he made our day, month and year! Thanks Lindsay! It was an awesome adventure. I am convinced Comso Cricket is the funnest company ever.

The rest of the day was great too. We bought our Chocolate covered cinnamon bears and also bought about 3 pounds of some yummy fudge at Cox's honey. (Yes there is one in Logan too.)

The only things that I'm having a hard time with is the fact that I have waaay to much work to do this week to play with any of it. Good thing the ETM crop is on Saturday!

OK in the spirit of pay it forward I'm going to give out some of these cute magnets (sorry I am greedy and wont be giving away any of the fabulous stuff I received this weekend.) Post your Kenny/Donny moment and I will pick a winner winner on Friday.

*Most of the photo's are courtesy of Jessica. I forgot my camera.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy Friday!

So I finally put pictures in my banner. Lex looks like a chunky boy. He's really not but I thought that was a cute picture.

Last weekend we went to Logan to see our niece Olivia get baptized. It was a very fun to spend Halloween with them. It went by Super Fast.

This picture is of Lex the night before Halloween trick or treating at my parents house.

This is Lex at his preschool Halloween party. There were only like 5 other spidey's.

This cute guy was the cutest incredible frog ever! He's just lookin' for his candy.

The "diva's" - Rosie and Eva!

Taylor dress up as a pumpkin head. He was getting rolls of toilet paper - we all though he was going to cause some mayhem, but he was just using them to hold up his head.

This is Miss Olivia - just waiting for some trick or treaters.

On Saturday we raced home from Logan so we could go to this adorable girls 1st Birthday party. Kanani is my cousins daughter. She had a cupcake birthday complete with a cupcake cake. They had decorations and frosting for all the kids to decorate their own cupcakes. It was so fun!