Saturday, July 11, 2009

Happy July!

I cant believe it has been a month since I posted. Well ok I can, a lot has gone on. Most of it I cant remember.

But I will never forget what happened this morning an either will the children involved.

Lex invited several of his friends to play.
In the house.
In my room.
Normally I wouldn't care but this morning I happen to be in the shower and had no idea that there was anybody in the house. So I get out and the only towel I could find is a hooded towel that happens to be a ghost. Oh and did i mention it fits around a 5 year old not so much around an overweight adult. I'm so organized and on top of household chores I don't keep any clean laundry in the closets. They are all kept in the laundry room where they are nice and safe from getting used.
So me having no clue there is innocent eyes in my house, walk out into my room. Luckily the towel was covering my front half leaving my back side open to the world. Luckily there was nobody to see that!
The children didn't see much but I'm sure they saw enough.

On to happier thoughts!

Carl's grandma is here from California for a few weeks. Yesterday she taught us how to make peanut brittle. It was so good. I'm sure i could have eaten the entire pan. It's also a lot of work. Luckily my sister in law Christi did most of it. All I had to do was butter the pan and watch the fun cooking lesson and crack a few dirty jokes with Paul.

Last night I made a quick trip to Rigby town to give Jamie her books back. I've done a lot of reading lately. More on that later. I surprised her at her bus stop when she got off work. Then we decided to run to Rexburg and dine on at our fave mexicano restaurant Gringo's. It was so delish we almost licked our plates clean. It was great to have so quality time with my buddy. We haven't don't that in a long time. On the way home from Rexburg we were going 70 down the highway laughing so hard we couldn't breath or see. Still not sure who was driving at that point but it was a fun time!

Carl just started mowing our lawn. Its the first mow! Gotta go take some pictures...........