Saturday, January 24, 2009

I thought we were over this...

(outside our front door)
What the hell? I thought it was going to be spring. Ok I was dreaming it would be spring but now I remember....

We live in Idaho where it snows until June. Ok Ok not really.

Last night Carl found out that his friend Adrian was in town so we went to dinner with Tomm and Jessica (as usual) and Adrian. We went to All of it Garden, as Lex calls it. Then the girls and lex did a little shopping at the Michaels while the boys did this.... Did you know caring is sharing? Well yes it is. So Michaels has these super cute paper packs for let say $10.00 or so. You want to buy one and use a 40% coupon. Then the paper pack is only $6.00. But what are you going to do with 4 sheets of the same paper? Lets be honest. You will use a few sheets and the rest will sit in your stack of unused paper. Right? So split it with a buddy! Then the paper pack is only $3.00 and that my friend will make you holler.

( top is making memories and the bottom is colorblok)
So last night Jessica bought 1 super cute paper pack and I bought 1 super cute paper pack. Then while the boys where playing rockband we split it up. I don't know why we didn't think of this earlier. Now we each have 2 sheets of each design of paper for much cheaper. With the state of my bank account right now I've got to be cheap. These were actually nice thick paper not the flimsy that is usually in the packs.

We have also been doing a little something I like to call slavery. Just kidding. Lex has chores now and gets an allowance. Its our first week wish us luck that the smile will stay. Yeah I know dreaming again.

I'm a little obsessed with vinyl. As of late I'm also obsessed with birds/owl/animals. So why not make bird out of vinyl? I would show you the rest of the wall but then my freak flag would be waving (as Amanda would say) and I'm just not ready to admit how ridiculous it got this time.

Happy Saturday.

Oh I also wanted to say - if you ever want people to comment on your blog just post a pictures of a chic in her undies. I got the most comments I've ever had! 5 - that's just how cool I am!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


I got this......
When I was looking for this.....

So heard Fancy Pants has a cute valentine paper line out so I looked it up. I typed in...

Although a scrap booking product that doesn't ride up would be nice that is NOT what I was looking for! So if you ever want to look up Fancy Pants scrap booking line I suggest you type in...

Certainly I cant be the only one who has done this?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like...

I have abandoned by blog! But rest assured I have not. Wow that was a big word. Anyway here is a big long review of what I would have posted the last few weeks.

We opened a present everyday to count down to Christmas. They were cheap Christmas books. I read about the idea last year (I don't remember where) and thought it was a fun idea. We started on the 1st. I think next year we will start a bit later.

Lex turned 5! I cant believe it! We had a great time bowling and had yummy Sponge bob Square Pants cake.

He got lots of fun stuff including this Spidey sweatshirt he has yet to take off. Not really it just seems like it.

We sent fun Thank you post cards made from this kit.

We made fun gifts for all of Lex's teachers at preschool out of the same kit.

I made a fun rag quilt as Christmas gift for the new niece we were waiting for.

We had a silly string fight with all the cousins, and of course the daddy's, uncles, and even grandpa had to jump in!

We made a quick trip to the ER with Lex for Croup. That was a blast! Steroids are awesome! (only when you are sick)

We decorated for Christmas with lots and lots of vinyl!

Lex played with all his new toys. The Tag reader is his favorite. Its mom and dads favorite too because it has a headphone jack! It's actually really cool. Technology is amazing! and yes we are still wearing flip flops around the house.

Played at the hospital with Hudson while waiting to see his new baby sister.

Waited for miss Payette to come home from the hospital so we could see her in real life! She wasn't suppose to be here until the first of February so she had to stay a few extra days.

She is home now and doing great. All 6 lbs of her sooo teeny tiny cute!

Carl looks pretty cute with a pink one doesn't he? It almost makes me want one. Almost.

Yesterday my mom dyed my hair. Its brown. I don't know who I am in the mirror now. I'm still deciding how it is. Maybe I will post pictures. I have spent so many years trying to be a blond, but just gave up yesterday. It's just too hard.

Anyway Lex found my camera and took 27 pictures of the tv while I was getting my hair done. Surprise he was watching sponge bob. What a shocker!

If your still reading this I apologize. I will do better at blogging in 2009 hahaha lets be honest maybe in 2025.