Tuesday, April 29, 2008

We moved...

and no it didn't take us 2 weeks! I just am a crappy blogger. It's not that I didn't want to blog it's just I need a few more hours in the day.Old House
I was going to show you a picture of the new house but I cant find one. I could get off my butt and go outside and take one but its windy and I don't want to. Maybe later.

We also went to Viva Las Vegas last weekend. It was fun - we drove there with Carl's brother (from the same mother hehe) Paul, his wife Christi and their baby Hudson. We all loaded up in Grandpa's Suburban and away we went. I was a little nervous taken a 4 year old and a 10 month old on such a long road trip. It was so fun! The boys did great! We stopped a lot to see all the sites along the way and on the way back. Here are a few fun pictures. I wont share all 223 pictures but here are a few highlights....

Carl eating a bagel breakfast thing at the McDonald's in SLC, Utah. The McDonald's had video games you could play and the food cost double what it does here. You should go!

Can you find Lex? This is us at the start of a tour at Temple Square. Don't you love Carl's bag! It doesn't match his shoes - but he still loves to carry it for me!Fun sign just as we got into Vegas!

Mr. Lion playing with the ball - he was fun to watch (2000 other people also found him fun to watch). I'll post more pictures.... I'm not going to say tomorrow because we all know that probably wont happen!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Cute Maddie!

I did something amazing this weekend! I did some pages! It started with the crop on Friday night. In a total of about 4 hours I got 1 page done! Thats right 1 page = 4 hours. Saturday I did much better. I worked on this fun page of my neice Maddie.
I am also starting to do the moments kits for ETM. This month was really fun bright colors.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Long haired hippie people!

HELP! Carl is on a hair cut strike! He says he doesn't have the will power for a hunger strike. He won't cut his hair until one of these houses sell! Its getting bad! OK so it's not as bad as Harry Dunn's. If you have seen Carl before the last few months you know he usually keeps his hair short. Really short like #3 guard short. We usually buzz it right off. I am really looking forward to when the strike is over.

Easter cont.

Day 2
We went to church and Lex wore the cute outfit my mom got for him. She found it on Target's website for like $7 for everything except the shoes.

Sorry the picture is blurry Lex cant hold still for the life of him!

I made these little cute handouts for my young woman. I found them from this girl and this site. I'm not much on digital scrap booking but these were fast and easy!

Then we went to Grandma Tolley's for dinner and fun! We ate lots of yummy food!

I got the recipe for the yummy veggie pizza HERE. They have the best recipes. They are usually so easy and you can actually find all the ingredients. I hate recipes that have stuff in them I've never heard of.

Cute nieces in their Easter dresses.

We saw a mangy moose in the field behind my parents house and then the hair coloring began...

McKale got a barbie for Easter that included a hair coloring gadget. It was actually pretty fun. Everyone Else's has dark hair so it didn't show up as well, but since I'm a natural blond - hehe she went to town on my hair. Luckily it washed out!