Saturday, May 30, 2009

Blog? What blog? Oh yeah............

So it probably seems like I have totally forgotten I have a blog. Well honestly I did for just a minute or a several weeks. So here are some things we have been up to.....

Mothers Day - Lex got me 2 flowers to plant and a boxing game for the wii that kicks my butt.

Listened to Twilight while raking rocks. Totally got sucked in and listened to the rest in a few days. Its a good thing we had a ton of rocks to rake.

Lex graduated from preschool! Wahoooo! I know some people thought it would never happen. But it did so they can eat it. The little graduates looked so cute in the caps and gowns. So fun! After we went to the park for cake. Lex got a few fun presents too.

we raked rocks

Soaked in the tub with a Lavender bath bomb that Jamie got me from Disney Land.

Ate snow cones

Got a perm (i know YIKES) but I usually have one and straighten it out so it looks like I have some hair.

We raked rocks

Lex made crabby patties for him and daddy to eat. Lex ate his all gone but daddy was kinda full so he just had a bite. Want the recipe? Hamburger, a piece of cheese, a little sugar, and top it off with lettuce. Sounds delicious doesn't it?

Made cup towers.

Played at the park with Hudson
Tried to take a picture of a raccoon that was camped out in the trees behind our house. I missed.

We raked rocks

Lex got new bedding! Super cute from Wal Mart clearance. Wahoo!

Helped daddy make a sand box, that is still waiting for sand.

Did I mention we raked rocks? Well we did, a CRAP LOAD of them. But now they are all raked up and we planted grass last Monday! Hopefully we wont have dirt all summer. We are crossing our fingers. We will also be watching the dirt for 7-14 days hoping it turns green. :) If it doesn't I am going to spray paint it. I hear that the new thing.



Jessica said...

That sure is some mighty cute bedding you got there. I forget to check it out last time I was there.

Also I am thinking about posting a sno cone report on my blog but I cant figure out how I would do that exactly. Everyone should know where they can get a great sno cone and where to stear clear of (unless they like ice cones.)

Have a good one!


Bonnie Young said...

I love your blog! Glad to hear that your rock raking days are over, hope the grass is greener on the other side.
P.S. I have your kits ;)

Amanda Gibson said...

So have you raked any rocks lately? :o)