Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Friday, December 12, 2008

Thanksgiving review

Finally our Thanksgiving pictures. I'm sure you don't care by now but its better late than never.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Carl wanted to cook so we had fourteen people at our house. Carl cooked a yummy turkey. Lex wouldn't eat it because he says you are only suppose to eat chicken not turkey. Apparently all food is made from chicken. Funny boy. Anyway we had A TON of food!

Ya gotta start the day by reading the ad's. Lex would like one of everything - except for the pages with girl stuff. Nobody wants that stuff.
Tons and tons of yummy food

Notice Carl's shirt. It was made just for him by Old Navy. See it has a Tiger on it and he is a Tyger and it has 79 on it. The year he was made. Cool huh!
We wrote what we were thankful for on pieces of paper and tied them to balloons and let them go outside. (Note for next year: get high float in balloons and don't use cardstock for the super cute tags.)

I'm pretty sure he's the only one who ate the cranberry sauce. In fact he was going at it face first but by the time I got my camera he found a fork. Do people really eat this stuff? I do but I think after dinner we had twice as much as we had set out.

In other news my son is a genius. He wrote this all by himself! How cool is that? I didn't even know he could spell without someone telling him every letter. He even knew what he spelled. I think its the cutest Ice man ever. I am his mother I can think that.
He also draws pretty cute dogs. It was Lex's birthday on Saturday and out of all the toys he got this white board his is favorite. He loves to draw and his Aunt Christi and Uncle Paul picked a winner with this idea. He also hasn't taken off the spiderman hoodie he got. Birthday pictures coming soon....
We also got new phones. I picked the same one as Carl so I wouldn't have to waste time reading the manual. He's into that type of thing. (weirdo) He thought it would be sooo funny to put a background on for me. He is so sweet....
Yes that is a dogs butt with sunglasses on it. Cute. Since the only thing I know how to do on this stinkin' phone besides dial, it may be on there for awhile. Carl you are a jerk!
A funny jerk.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Some random info & a late Thanksgiving review

Lex went to see Santa on Saturday. Last year he was so nervous about a man coming into our house in the night. This year he is all about the man bringing toys!

This girl had a birthday last week. We celebrated by having Garcia's for lunch and a couple hours later we had Sub Zero ice cream for dessert. YUM!

This girl has a blog again! I'm so excited she has the funniest stories and a great play list.

My cell phone just died mid call, a few days ago. Fine time to be buying a new cell phone. So if you have tried to call me I'm not ignoring you my phone just doesn't work and well we don't answer our home phone. So best bet is email until i find time to take a break from vinyl and go get a new one.

Speaking of vinyl I just want to let everyone know I will stop taking orders on December 15th (I need a week to get caught up before Christmas. Hopefully I will get them all done) and will resume January 5th.
The cold medicine and I are really really tight right now. In fact we are inseparable. I am so sick of being sick! This is the 3rd sore throat I have had this year. What the hell - I'm done with it already. Luckily Lex has only had 1 ear infection so far. I am knocking on wood. Oh how I am knocking hard.

So now I've done a whole lot of typing and I'm out of time. Thanksgiving pictures coming soon.......

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Picture overload!

A couple of weekends ago my good friend noticed that Target had Gingerbread Houses on sale. So we quickly bought some. We were going to do them a little closer to Christmas but Lex just couldn't wait. They were super fun and I recommend it to anyone.

First you need some very large soda's from your favorite gas station so they can be in every picture you take.

Then you need to read the instructions very carefully.

Then you need husbands who claim they don't really want to participate. (then they just kinda take over)

Lex even put a candy cane heart on the back of his! I cant wait until next year when we do it again.
*It's obvious blogger and I are not agreeing on where the pictures should be placed, so this post looks fantastic. I'm sick of trying to fix it.