Thursday, February 7, 2008

Lets clarify ....

a little -

I have 3 nieces - they are ALL my favorite!
I have 5 sister in laws and they are ALL my favorite!
I have 5 nephews - they are ALL my favorite!
I have 3 brother in laws and yes they are ALL my favorite!

They are all my favorite and all for different reasons!

So I had the weirdest conversation the other day. Heres how it went down...

Me: "Hello"

Lady: "Hello Jessica this is soandso (names have been with held to protect the innocent) I was wondering if I could still come and visit you this afternoon?"

Me: "Yes that's fine, but if you want we could do a phone visit since the roads are so bad. Are you OK to drive on the slick roads?"

Lady: "Yes I'm fine I was just drinking milk."

Me: (thinking inside my head) WHAT???? Congrats on the milk drinkin!
What I really said: "Ok we'll seen you soon."

So I start thinkin' - does this lady think that I think she is some kind of drunk? I have no reason to think that - I hardly know her. Then I decide not to care because she is crazy. And I am totally normal and not crazy at alllllllllllllllllllllll.

So last night we put Lex to bed and went into our bathroom to get our selves ready for bed. To our horror we found a WAR in our closet. There were many fallen soldiers as you will see in the pictures.

We will announce the date and time of their memorial service.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Anyone seen an ipod?

I lost my IPod and I'm sad. I am frantically cleaning out drawers and such. The sad thing is I had it in my hand on Sunday and I put it down somewhere and I've been looking for it ever since. It's all my fault. Maybe it grew legs and walked away. If so please walk back to me ipod - I miss you!

Happy Birthday Christi!

We had Christi a birthday party last night and I didnt delete the pictures this time! Go me!

Rosie made a yummy cake and Lex got to help blow out the candles! (I think he only spit a little tiny bit)

Christi is my favorite sister in law because she is so dang cute! She has great style - she cooks really yummy food, and she adores her hubby! They are a great example of a happy couple. Their son, Hudson is 7 months old and walking! He is a very happy little guy - I think its because he is so loved!

Happy Birthday Christi!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Happy Birthday McKale!

McKale Lynn Tolley is 7 today. I took pictures of her birthday party on Saturday but they got erased. OOPS! So I am using this picture of Mason, Lex, and McKale! She is my favorite niece because she is hilarious, she loves sweets, and she likes making things. She also had the cutest chocolate cupcakes with white frosting and pink sprinkles. Happy Birthday McKale!!!