Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The BEST lasagna EVER

I keep meaning to take a picture of Lex and his toothless smile. He's only lost 1 so far but if I don't hurry there will be more lost. The problem - my camera is downstairs on Carl's desk. I keep forgetting to bring it upstairs. Lame excuse huh?

So we had FHE with Carl's family and it was our turn last Monday. I wanted to make lasagna but I wanted to make good lasagna. Not the stuff I usually make.
I found this one on food network.

Freaky blue eyes hasnt let me down. Plus she looks kinda like my mom (my mom doesnt have freaky blue eyes or white hair so maybe she doesnt look like her). It took FoReVeR but it was worth it. I used mozzarella cheese in place of the gruyere cheese (I couldn't find it at the Wal Mart so I didn't worry about it). I also added a can of four cheese spaghetti sauce. I felt like it was a little too meaty and not enough saucy, so this was perfect. It made a 9x13 and an 8x8.

It was sooo good. Garfield would have been proud.

Have you people seen this blog? She way into burlap. I used her idea to make valentine subway art. Perhaps I will post a picture when I remember to get the camera. Have you seen this one? Makes me want a yellow dresser. I guess I will settle for my already yellow bench.
I was going to titles this Random but I've used that so many times.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What can I say?

I'm a sucky sucky blogger. Its been 7 months people! 7 months! As Amanda kindly pointed out if I just wait a few more months it will be July again and I wont have to post anything new. Planning ahead! That's me, always ahead - a year late.

I don't even know where to start. Life is crazy busy and better than ever. We've had a few minor changes in life. Lex started Kindergarten and LoVeS it. His teacher is wonderful and reminds us of Aunt Carolyn. She is so fun and happy all the time (both of them)!
In May we expanded the vinyl. Carl made another website and it stayed pretty small thoughout the summer. Then BAM it went nuts! We are so grateful. Just when the construction was coming to a complete halt. Carl no longer leaves the house to go to work, he just has to walk downstairs. Its been an adjustment but its been great. We've only had a few disagreements (if you believe that you don't know us very well). It was really hard having someone else come in and make changes to something I had been doing for several years by myself. They have proven to be great changes! It has taken hours and hours and days and days to build up but its been so worth it.

Jessica took some way fun pictures of us a couple of months ago. We used Carl's grandma's house for the background. Here are a few of our favorites....

I don't have blond hair anymore. It was time for a change.

I think that's all the Major things that's happened. I'm not making any promises but hopefully it will be sooner that 7 months before I post again.