Thursday, March 26, 2009

some randomness

I have been meaning to update this sad sad blog of mine for awhile but it never gets done. Busy I guess - doing what I have no clue.

Rambling #1
So a little more info for walk in weight loss (which is a stupid name since you have to make an appointment)

If you have insurance you just have to pay your co-pay. Totally worth it.
If you don't have insurance its like $120 buck every time you go in. Totally NOT worth it.

You only go in like once a month and they measure your fat (my favorite part) and give you new menu's (really my fave part). You only get menus for 3 days at a time. The point of it is so you learn to swap out stuff.

I have only been doing it for 2 weeks now and I feel so much better. I sleep better. The best part is for dinner. You basically have a pile of veggies and some meat. That's not the best part the really best part is Carl and Lex love dinner. Lex has always been such a picky eater and the kid now cleans his plate. Crazy! Well not really they just didn't like the casseroles and stuff I made. Which is fine because cooking a piece of meat and putting broccoli in the microwave is soooo much faster.

Rambling #2
Lex has learned how to snap his fingers. Doesn't it make you wonder why you teach your kids stuff. He snaps all the TIME! At first it was cute and now it is just annoying. You teach them how to talk and then all you want to do is make them be quite. You teach them to walk then you cant find them! You teach them how to snap and now all I wanna do is tape is fingers together so he cant.

Rambling #3
I did some scrapbooking yesterday. It's fun. I like it. I should do it more.

I went to Roberts and they had the Penny Lane stuff on sale. Oh my I am in love! So I contained myself and only bought a few sheets. I really wanted to use it but I need to print the pictures I want it for. So I used some super cute stuff I got for Christmas from my buddy.

Rambling #4
Jamie and I are going to the museum tomorrow! I'm so excited everyone has been talking about how cool it is. Carl thinks I am going to see Leonardo. He is really the only reason I even knew about Titanic. I only saw the movie like 10 times at the theater and the drive in. The drive in was fun except I missed a lot of the movie.

Rambling #5
Boxing on the Wii fit makes my arms hurt. I'm such a wanny.

Rambling #6
Sugar-free Jello and I are really good friends.

Rambling #7
I am down to 1 diet dr pepper a day. Which I have been for awhile now. I just cant give it up. Oh how I love its sweet sweet goodness.

Rambling #8
I have sucked at 365 for the last oh i don't know 3 weeks! I'm not quitting!!! I will catch up.

Rambling #9
All protein bars taste the same. If they show an entire minny marshmallow on the package I think there should be at least 1 minny marshmallow inside not just a spec from one.

Rambling #10
Lex saved and saved his allowance for weeks so he could buy a sponge bob garbage can. He is so funny! He could have bought a cool toy like a slime blaster. I am so glad the garbage can won. I guess its like a toy - I have no idea why its in the living room for this picture.

Rambling #11
This little girl is adorable and I don't get to see her enough!

Rambling #12
I think a pineapple sitting on my counter is cute. Makes me not want to eat it, but then I do eat it. Then I have to buy another pineapple to sit on the counter and then I eat it. Its a viscous cycle. And I am lame.

Happy Thursday!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Starting something new....

Have you heard of Walk in Weight Loss from Redicare? I heard the commercials and I kinda thought about it. But that's as far as it went. So thanks to my awesome sister in law and her awesome boyfriend I have the opportunity to go. Last Wednesday was the first appointment. I got the lowdown and they measured my fat! It was fabulous. Really I am super excited about it. The program is pretty much common sense. But the best part for me is its doctor directed.

I went in on Friday and they took my blood. A ton of blood. They did a insulin resistance test and some other stuff. If you ever had a insulin resistance test the worst part is sitting in a room for 2.5 hours! You drink some sprite tasting stuff and then they take your blood every 30 minutes.

So I got the results back on Monday. I am severely insulin resistant. Terrific! But seriously how could I not be. I have eaten so much sugar in the last 28 years its ridiculous. Also my cholesterol is 207. I am very thankful that I could do this. I've done other weight loss programs but obviously haven't succeeded. But now having some testing done I don't have a choice. I have to make this work. I really don't want diabetes. That scares me! So the doc put me on some medication to help with that. A side affect is diarrhea - until my body gets used to it. Oh baby I'm so excited for that.

So yesterday was my first day of the diet. They give you a menu based on things you like or don't like. It was a ton of food. Its normal food too. Not my normal sugar sugar sugar but normal.

Anyway I'm super excited I if you've thought about it you should go. Its awesome!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Let me tell ya

about my day! So Thursday was an awesome day. Started of normal. Doing normal things. Then at 1:00 I had to be at the church to help set up for the RS Birthday Dinner. That is when the fun began.
While we were setting up and there was an extra kid helping us set up. He was adorable, and I thought he was our neighbor but not sure. He seemed to be there by himself. He's about Lex's age so they played. So we are setting up tables, unfolding chairs, setting tables, putting up decor. Then the last step - frost cupcakes. After shooing the kids away so they wouldnt cough on them we got started. The cupcakes were suppose to come with the frosting on the side. They did not. So we tried to push the marshmallow petals into the frosting so they would stick. They did for the most part. See how cute....
First hick up no problem. After comforting Lex because the mystery kid knocked him down for his marshmallow I went back to applying marshmallow petals. Myself and about 5 other women are standing in the kitchen when the mystery boy pulls the fire alarm. Right in front of us! Awesome! We were all too slow to stop him. So they called various people to figure out how to turn it off. Then his mama shows up. He's sad. she's embarrassed. Apparently another presidency was having a meeting and didnt realize any one else was there. So we spent the next 20 minutes listening to the fire alarm and crying scared children. It was very relaxing.

My only assignment for the dinner was to pick up rice. at the collage. in Rexburg. Don't ask why someone ordered rice from Rexburg. I just do what I'm told. My mom has the cousins for the day and I thought it would be fun if we ALL went. That was my 1st mistake.

picture it. Mason & Lex in the back row McKale and Maddie in the middle row and then me and my mom in the front. I'm still not sure who was driving. anyway Between telling the kids not to fight my mom and I discussed how many mandarin oranges and Ice cream bars Mason had consumed. McKale was so hungry since the only thing she ate at lunch was a super hard grilled cheese at school. "Do they have an Applebee's" she asked in her best weak voice. "No but they have burger shots at the king of all burgers we'll swing through."

6 burgers between 4 kids later we have the rice (which comes in a special container that has to be taken back the next day between 8-6 great another trip to Rexburg) we are on the way home. About 1 mile from home in fact. Mason proceeds to spew his oranges, ice cream, and 2 burger shots all over my car. Apparently sitting in the 3rd row playing ninteno ds makes Mason a car sick boy. I pull over as fast as I can. My mom opens the back to get him out and he spew's again. The barf falls short of getting outside and lands all over the back of my car. Terrific. In the mean time I'm watching Lex as he dry heaves. Luckily he controlled it. Just what we needed 2 puking boys.

I did feel sorry for Mason. But this is the 2nd time hes puked in my car. The last time it was my white car so its been a few years. (If I recall right I got out of cleaning up that one too because I was gagging.) Anyway I must be and excellent driver. So we drove the last mile with the windows down and laughed at Maddie who was plugging her nose.

My mom cleaned up the chunks. I tried to help her but it made me gag. There was puke everywhere and i mean everywhere! Gross. Luckily Carl learned exceptional car cleaning skills when he worked at majestic. The bottle of fabreeze didn't hurt either.

Maybe its time to trade in the car.

Are ya still with me? Well the dinner went great and the rice was good. Not sure if it was that good but I am glad that is all I had to do.
Oh and last night Carl tried to start the house on fire while making popcorn. Instead of grabbing anything to put out the fire I grabbed my camera. I had to get my 365 picture for the day.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The things you say

So when I named my blog I had all these intentions of writing about all the funny things Lex says. The kid says something hilarious like everyday. I don't think I have yet to tell you all what he has said. So here is the stuff I can think of right now.

Carl, Lex and I are driving down the road. Carl and I are talking all the sudden

Lex Says "Hell No"
I Say: What did you say?
Lex: "I said Elmo"

This happened when he was 3.

Jump forward to last week. We are listening to the new song from all American rejects and of course Lex starts singing.

I Say: "Buddy we shouldn't sing that song it has a naughty word in it."
Lex says: "No it just says give you some help"

It has already been decided when Lex starts kindergarten and the principal calls Carl has to go. You know your screwed when your 5 year old can think faster than you. Of course that's not hard for Lex to do with me. I'm a little slow.

A couple of weeks ago we were having fhe with Carls family. Gary (Carl's dad) answered his cell phone : "this is Gary Tyger" to which Lex said "Scary Tiger!"

The next week we were at Carl's parents house and Grandma Rosie had the table set with place mats. Lex looks at them and then asked me why there were little rugs on the table.

I have way more but this is what I could think of right now. Maybe these are only funny to me.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from 365...