Monday, June 8, 2009

Dearest Husband,

Tomorrow is my birthday.
Oh you forgot? Well here is your reminder.
What? you don't read my blog. Well you should.

Here is my wish list

A Ribbon Ring (or 2 or 3) to hold all my ribbon
This perfect shelf to hold all my scrap booking stuff you love so well. Oh and could you paint it black for me? They have these at Roberts (use a 40 coupon)
I would like some of this so I could purchase
more scrap booking stuff
and maybe some fabric too. I really need to practice my sewing skills.
One of these too please....
I would also like you to add this closet on the side of our house. Oh and fill it up with clothes and shoes please.
I would also like a little (ok so ALOT) of work done so I can look like this.
I would also like either this mirror
or this one for the entry way.
And the last thing - an updated version of this to hang in the office please.
Since i happen to know how much we have in our checking account I will settle for one of these. Maybe if your feeling rich we could be dollar menunairs at the McDonald's for dinner.

PS. You could also call Z103 and ask them to stop playing that stupid cell phone commercial. Ya know the one where it sounds like she is giving birth to a cell phone. I really cant handle that one anymore.


Amanda Gibson said...

Well, Happy Almost Birthday, Jec!! Maybe I'll be a big spender and bring you your very own Dr. Pepper.

I'm with ya on the Z103 commercial. I've only heard it, like, 50 times today and I am, how you say....F-REAKED out! Nobody wants to hear that.

Lea Ann Jacobs said...

Happy Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day and may McDonald's be void of bad parents so you can enjoy your dinning experience.

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Buddy! I hope you like your gift from me :) Cant wait to hang out on Friday!


Janiel said...

Happy Birthday! Cute, funny post!