Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The BEST lasagna EVER

I keep meaning to take a picture of Lex and his toothless smile. He's only lost 1 so far but if I don't hurry there will be more lost. The problem - my camera is downstairs on Carl's desk. I keep forgetting to bring it upstairs. Lame excuse huh?

So we had FHE with Carl's family and it was our turn last Monday. I wanted to make lasagna but I wanted to make good lasagna. Not the stuff I usually make.
I found this one on food network.

Freaky blue eyes hasnt let me down. Plus she looks kinda like my mom (my mom doesnt have freaky blue eyes or white hair so maybe she doesnt look like her). It took FoReVeR but it was worth it. I used mozzarella cheese in place of the gruyere cheese (I couldn't find it at the Wal Mart so I didn't worry about it). I also added a can of four cheese spaghetti sauce. I felt like it was a little too meaty and not enough saucy, so this was perfect. It made a 9x13 and an 8x8.

It was sooo good. Garfield would have been proud.

Have you people seen this blog? She way into burlap. I used her idea to make valentine subway art. Perhaps I will post a picture when I remember to get the camera. Have you seen this one? Makes me want a yellow dresser. I guess I will settle for my already yellow bench.
I was going to titles this Random but I've used that so many times.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What can I say?

I'm a sucky sucky blogger. Its been 7 months people! 7 months! As Amanda kindly pointed out if I just wait a few more months it will be July again and I wont have to post anything new. Planning ahead! That's me, always ahead - a year late.

I don't even know where to start. Life is crazy busy and better than ever. We've had a few minor changes in life. Lex started Kindergarten and LoVeS it. His teacher is wonderful and reminds us of Aunt Carolyn. She is so fun and happy all the time (both of them)!
In May we expanded the vinyl. Carl made another website and it stayed pretty small thoughout the summer. Then BAM it went nuts! We are so grateful. Just when the construction was coming to a complete halt. Carl no longer leaves the house to go to work, he just has to walk downstairs. Its been an adjustment but its been great. We've only had a few disagreements (if you believe that you don't know us very well). It was really hard having someone else come in and make changes to something I had been doing for several years by myself. They have proven to be great changes! It has taken hours and hours and days and days to build up but its been so worth it.

Jessica took some way fun pictures of us a couple of months ago. We used Carl's grandma's house for the background. Here are a few of our favorites....

I don't have blond hair anymore. It was time for a change.

I think that's all the Major things that's happened. I'm not making any promises but hopefully it will be sooner that 7 months before I post again.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Happy July!

I cant believe it has been a month since I posted. Well ok I can, a lot has gone on. Most of it I cant remember.

But I will never forget what happened this morning an either will the children involved.

Lex invited several of his friends to play.
In the house.
In my room.
Normally I wouldn't care but this morning I happen to be in the shower and had no idea that there was anybody in the house. So I get out and the only towel I could find is a hooded towel that happens to be a ghost. Oh and did i mention it fits around a 5 year old not so much around an overweight adult. I'm so organized and on top of household chores I don't keep any clean laundry in the closets. They are all kept in the laundry room where they are nice and safe from getting used.
So me having no clue there is innocent eyes in my house, walk out into my room. Luckily the towel was covering my front half leaving my back side open to the world. Luckily there was nobody to see that!
The children didn't see much but I'm sure they saw enough.

On to happier thoughts!

Carl's grandma is here from California for a few weeks. Yesterday she taught us how to make peanut brittle. It was so good. I'm sure i could have eaten the entire pan. It's also a lot of work. Luckily my sister in law Christi did most of it. All I had to do was butter the pan and watch the fun cooking lesson and crack a few dirty jokes with Paul.

Last night I made a quick trip to Rigby town to give Jamie her books back. I've done a lot of reading lately. More on that later. I surprised her at her bus stop when she got off work. Then we decided to run to Rexburg and dine on at our fave mexicano restaurant Gringo's. It was so delish we almost licked our plates clean. It was great to have so quality time with my buddy. We haven't don't that in a long time. On the way home from Rexburg we were going 70 down the highway laughing so hard we couldn't breath or see. Still not sure who was driving at that point but it was a fun time!

Carl just started mowing our lawn. Its the first mow! Gotta go take some pictures...........

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Super Cool

Lex woke up at 5 a.m. today because he had puked. Carl is awesome and cleaned it up. When I see puke I puke when I smell puke I puke. A fun little thing I got from my dad. So I still get to wash all the bedding and such but I can handle that. He went back to bed for about 20 minutes then got in bed with us. The he puked again. That time it was on the carpet. Which is great because we didn't have to change all our bedding but suck cause ya cant put carpet in the washing machine. After that we just got up at 5:45 a.m. Its only about 1/2 hour before we usually get up but man I could have used that sleeping time. Then of course Lex falls asleep about 7 watching cartoons. He woke up a few minutes ago and asked if it was tomorrow. Funny boy.

So anyway since my morning started so early and great, I need happy things. So here is what makes me happy.

This super cool girl

is giving away this super cool stuff,

in this super cool bag!

(I totally stole your pictures Amanda. Hope its ok!)


You should also check out her playlist. She has tons of cool songs! There is "make you feel my love" from Adele on there. Mr. Garth Brooks himself sang this at our wedding. Right out of the CD player. You seen one of my good friends was suppose to sing it in real life but he had to work and didn't bother to call and let anyone know that. So we used a CD player. Anyway the next time we get married I think Adele will sing it cause i like hers better. But see without Amanda's playlist I wouldn't even know that song existed.

More stuff that makes me happy - funny video's. I could waste hours on youtube.

You have probably seen this a million times but it is so funny!

This was also funny! Crappy video sorry!

One more funny video!

Happy Thursday!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Dearest Husband,

Tomorrow is my birthday.
Oh you forgot? Well here is your reminder.
What? you don't read my blog. Well you should.

Here is my wish list

A Ribbon Ring (or 2 or 3) to hold all my ribbon
This perfect shelf to hold all my scrap booking stuff you love so well. Oh and could you paint it black for me? They have these at Roberts (use a 40 coupon)
I would like some of this so I could purchase
more scrap booking stuff
and maybe some fabric too. I really need to practice my sewing skills.
One of these too please....
I would also like you to add this closet on the side of our house. Oh and fill it up with clothes and shoes please.
I would also like a little (ok so ALOT) of work done so I can look like this.
I would also like either this mirror
or this one for the entry way.
And the last thing - an updated version of this to hang in the office please.
Since i happen to know how much we have in our checking account I will settle for one of these. Maybe if your feeling rich we could be dollar menunairs at the McDonald's for dinner.

PS. You could also call Z103 and ask them to stop playing that stupid cell phone commercial. Ya know the one where it sounds like she is giving birth to a cell phone. I really cant handle that one anymore.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Blog? What blog? Oh yeah............

So it probably seems like I have totally forgotten I have a blog. Well honestly I did for just a minute or a several weeks. So here are some things we have been up to.....

Mothers Day - Lex got me 2 flowers to plant and a boxing game for the wii that kicks my butt.

Listened to Twilight while raking rocks. Totally got sucked in and listened to the rest in a few days. Its a good thing we had a ton of rocks to rake.

Lex graduated from preschool! Wahoooo! I know some people thought it would never happen. But it did so they can eat it. The little graduates looked so cute in the caps and gowns. So fun! After we went to the park for cake. Lex got a few fun presents too.

we raked rocks

Soaked in the tub with a Lavender bath bomb that Jamie got me from Disney Land.

Ate snow cones

Got a perm (i know YIKES) but I usually have one and straighten it out so it looks like I have some hair.

We raked rocks

Lex made crabby patties for him and daddy to eat. Lex ate his all gone but daddy was kinda full so he just had a bite. Want the recipe? Hamburger, a piece of cheese, a little sugar, and top it off with lettuce. Sounds delicious doesn't it?

Made cup towers.

Played at the park with Hudson
Tried to take a picture of a raccoon that was camped out in the trees behind our house. I missed.

We raked rocks

Lex got new bedding! Super cute from Wal Mart clearance. Wahoo!

Helped daddy make a sand box, that is still waiting for sand.

Did I mention we raked rocks? Well we did, a CRAP LOAD of them. But now they are all raked up and we planted grass last Monday! Hopefully we wont have dirt all summer. We are crossing our fingers. We will also be watching the dirt for 7-14 days hoping it turns green. :) If it doesn't I am going to spray paint it. I hear that the new thing.


Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dont take your kids to McDonalds

So today I decide to be a nice mom and take Lex to McDonald's for lunch. BIG mistake. While we were eating a little kid kept coming and telling his mom kids were being mean to him. He was so dang cute about it. His mom kept telling him to just ignore the mean kids and keep playing.

After a while she saw a kid hit her boy and so her boy hit him back. She goes into the play thing to get her son. Then all hell broke loose. A screaming match began between the two kids' moms! Then one of the other moms friends pushes the mom of the cute boy. Holy crap people! Then the cops were called. That's about the time we left.

I don't know exactly what happened I didn't seen the entire scene. But way to go on being awesome examples to your kids ladies. Really mom of the year awards should be coming to you any day. Seriously starting a fight in a room full of kids because your 4 year olds are fighting! Awesome! I really wonder where they get their manners from?

So anyway we get in the car and Lex says "We gotta get outta here before the cops come. Those mommies were naughty."

I love that kid. He says the funniest stuff. For example the other day the city of Ammon dropped us off a new garbage can. Lex says "we should get their phone number. I think if we call them they can bring us some grass too." Oh how I wish that was all it took. I gave him daddys number instead.

This girl left a comment on my blog the other day! How cool is that. She is like the queen of craft and has awesome music on her blog. Check out this post. makes me wish I hadnt sold my cricut. She also has yummy recipes for freezer meals on this site.

Sorry I don't have pics of anything. I hear its a sin to do a post with no pictures.

**Oh and I totally forgot the real reason you shouldn't take your kids to McD's. They get a crappppppyyyyy CD! Which your kids will love and you will want to shoot yourself in the face. Don't be fooled it looks like it might be ok.


Don't say I didn't warn ya.